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They could not die properly until their remains had been found but their ghosts were accessible though some sort of time portal.

The last scene was of the final guy being discovered beneath the wrecked tail plane. I know a couple of people who have seen it but neither can remember its name, nor any of the cast.

It sounds like you're talking about "Sole Survivor", which was made in the seventies.

The ghosts are the crew of an American B-17, which crashed in the Libyan desert during WW2.

The Valastro’s know drama, but at the end of the day, there’s nothing like famiglia.

If memory serves it may even have been directed by Steven Spielberg.

The crew of US airmen had crashed their WW2 plane when a bomb got stuck in the bomb bay.

They’ve faced not only the struggles of two little people in an average-sized world, but are starting a family with their two adorable, adopted children.

Buddy Valastro makes seemingly impossible cakes at Carlo’s Bake Shop all with the help of his family.

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