Utorrent dht updating speed and dating and orange county

Posted by / 11-Dec-2017 09:34

Utorrent dht updating

So besides steam, nothing has updated itself on my computer since I last got bittorrent working. Hopefully this will help someone - I have been having this problem on and off for several months now.

When I ran tests to see if it was my PC or network, I had no problems using DHT when not on Air VPN.

What I also find odd is that when I was having the problem, I could just log out of Air VPN, wait a few seconds for utorrent & DHT to start working, then log back in to Air VPN and I would be able to use DHT for several days before having the problem again.

Tonight I was having the problem again and I just updated my old version of utorrent to the latest one and the problem instantly disappeared without having to log out of Air VPN.

Uninstalled the Air VPN client and installed the newer client.

I dont see how a third party could be intercepting my connection requests.Theres something about using a US server for prolonged time that invalidates it.This time I have disabled windows update both in firewall and as a service, and comodo update.Thanks I usually use stock bittorrent client, I tried utorrent before finding out it was the same program, same issue.I tried Tixati, its also having the same issue acquiring the dht from the trackers. I have tried downloading different files with lots of seeders and same issue.

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