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Updating urpmi

Nevertheless, slackpkg, an advanced package management tool which for years had been relegated to the unsupported "extra" repository, was finally made part of Slackware Linux 12.2.

It's worth noting that some popular Slackware derivatives, such as Vector Linux, have standardised on slapt-get, another third-party utility imitating the behaviour of Debian's APT, while Zenwalk Linux has introduced its own package management tool called netpkg.

Here is a summary of useful commands as used by these projects for managing packages.

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It acts as a sub-layer to the RPM utility and attempts to automatically manage dependencies.

Source: wikipedia A "Media" is a server that contains one or more packages (software or libraries).

While the current trend among most of the major projects is to offer some sort of a clickable interface where users can select a package and install it with a mouse click (e.g.

Debian's Synaptic or Mandriva's Drakrpm), these types of programs are generally just graphical front-ends to the low-level utilities that manage the tasks associated with installing packages on a Linux system.

Package management is probably the most distinctive feature of any Linux distribution.Additionally, the package management tools tend to evolve, with new features and even new commands added to every new version.This is why we created this package management cheatsheet - an easy reference card covering most frequently used package management tasks in Linux distributions and Free BSD.Now included in many other distributions, Package Kit's pkgcon command-line utility is effectively a unified front-end to the native package management tools of Fedora, Ubuntu, open SUSE, Mandriva and other distributions. Gentoo's Portage is well-documented and widely used, but other distributions that are designed to be built from scratch don't often feature in the Linux media, so their package management systems are not particularly well-known.Sorcerer, which existed even before Gentoo Linux was conceived, uses Bash scripts to "cast spells" or download, install and compile packages.

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