Updating dd form 93

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Updating dd form 93

They choose an organization or another non-human entity that cannot be paid according to the law.They leave death gratuity to a minor child, not knowing that the Defense Finance and Accounting Agency cannot pay out the entitlement to an underage beneficiary.This is really just one type of issue that can be prevented by updating the form.” Officially, the Department of Defense form is the Soldier’s Record of Emergency Data.

During the last week leadership from the Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 35th Theater Tactical Signal Brigade, are continually ensuring all personnel assigned in the company are 100 percent accurate updating these critical records.

Additionally, although the law also states that death gratuity will be distributed in 10 percent increments, obsolete DD Forms 93 show elections of 25 percent, 35 percent, etc.

When Soldiers elect increments other than 10 percent, their chosen beneficiary is disallowed and that portion to be distributed “by law,” and those Soldiers lose their ability to choose the beneficiary.

There are two forms critical to supporting survivors if something were to happen to a Soldier: Record of Emergency Data DD Form 93, and SGLV Form 8286, Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance Election and Certificate.

Together these two documents are known in the military as the “Casualty Documents.” If a Soldier becomes a casualty, the Army wants to be able to quickly notify the appropriate family members, and if the Soldier pays the ultimate sacrifice, the Army wants to ensure that they execute the Soldier’s intent as they wished.

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It is the responsibility of all Soldiers to update their own casualty documents to ensure their intent is annotated properly.