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Bobby, being the guy, went to jail and Adeline, being the female, went home to sleep off her high. The fact is that the drugs and the alcohol took over the situation that night.

When everything was said and done they offered him, plea guilty go home on probation or fight the charge and sit in jail until trial. Even with all the fighting and fussing they have done the past three years neither of them every hurt the other enough to warrant a band aid or even an ice pack.

i have included a letter from my mother posted on a petition she started on also i added the link to the petition where you can see community responses, the prior artical written for the previous baby daddy of Ms.We are looked upon as being friends of the perpetrators rather than friends of the victims, because all males are supposed to be evil and bad.I notice in talking with other shelter staff throughout the state that this attitude prevails in the other shelters, too-men are the perpetrators, women are the victims.Isaacson whom was also murdered by a self defense claim, she has told several people she set up.I included a link to the blog also showing community concern.

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It seems no one wants to believe the mother is the abusive one...

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