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They subsequently placed third at the contest, scoring a total of 207 points.

Serebro was then officially signed to Fadeev's record label Monolit Records, and in 2012, the group had additional releases produced by Sony Music Entertainment and Ego Music.

Serebro was formed in 2007, consisting of Marina Lizorkina, Seryabkina, and Elena Temnikova as a submitted proposal for consideration by Channel One Russia for the Eurovision Song Contest 2007.

Serebro was selected to represent Russia at the 2007 Contest with the song titled "Song #1".

The performance in Helsinki became their first official release and first concert for a large live audience.

Karpova left the group in 2013 and was replaced by Dasha Shashina, who left in 2016.In early 2007, producer Maxim Fadeev began preparing a concept for a new band titled Serebro.The concept began as a proposal for Channel One Russia for a new Russian entry into the Eurovision Song Contest 2007.The music video for the song received more than 20 million views on You Tube and became the subject of more than 250 parodies.After the success of "Mama Lover", the group began to garner commercial attention around the world.

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