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Joe the Builder Andriacchi has reportedly held numerous positions in the Chicago Outfit over the years – from capo, to acting boss/street boss to underboss and now consigliere.

Known for his gangland savvy and ability to live by the old hoodlum adage ‘make money, not headlines’, he hasn’t taken a collar since 1968 when he was jailed for three years on a burglary charge.

His tortured and mutilated corpse was found in the trunk of his car in the parking lot of the Arlington Heights Hilton.

Upon his elevation into the upper level of mafia management in the Second City, the north side crew was merged with the west side crew, headquartered at the corner of Grand and Ogden Avenues.Sammy Cards Cataudella was convicted in a RICO case in 1988 and might have been the target of a revenge slaying ordered by Zizzo loyalists that went awry less than three months after Zizzo went missing.A “civilian” named Gerry Dhamer was slain in a professional hit, shot-gunned to death, in front of his home in November 2006 on the same street in suburban Park Ridge, Illinois Cataudella had once lived.One interaction between Smith and Solly D at a Lake County restaurant in late 1984, witnessed by FBI agents, degenerated into a shouting match where table items, racial slurs and chilling threats of physical harm were hurled back in fourth.Authorities believe De Laurentis helped plan the Smith hit, but wasn’t there when it took place.

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