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It is hard for a marriage based solely on the partners' physical descriptions to succeed.

Hamada warned of the dangers of a great deception that could take place in these agencies in order to urge customers to marry, just to make more money, without taking into account the many differences that might exist between them.

Though at first the phenomenon had been limited to a small number of agencies where the hopeful groom or bride could actually visit and talk about their criteria, hundreds of ads to find the right match and experience love, as the ads say, can be found on a daily basis on the websites and social networking sites in Lebanon.

Are these agencies, either virtual or real, a truly effective solution to the problem in Lebanon, be it for men or women?

The criteria of values ​​and ethics are less easily summarized in words, Hamada said.Virtual dating A simple click on the link to dating and marriage site ads will lead you to a carefully designed website, with photos of young Lebanese men and women, or even Arab and foreign men and women, looking to find a Lebanese husband or wife.First, you are asked to log in and to create an account.There are subsequent payments to be made once a match is found and the date to meet or communicate with the potential match is set.Although the services provided by these websites are said to be free, there is a fee ranging between and when the phone number or email of a person is requested.

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Learning how widespread this was in my country, I became curious of what online dating was like in other parts of the world, specifically the Middle East.