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House and cuddy dating

House, in the meantime, is doing his best to numb his feelings with copious amounts of Vicodin. With his faithful sidekick Wilson, he drives to Cuddy’s house. Only to see through the window that she is enjoying wine and cheese with her sister and two men, one of whom her sister set Cuddy up with. [Laughs] That’s not to say he was ever going to do it, and I don’t think he would. The car was aimed at the house, not at the individuals inside.

And even in that moment, I don’t think he wanted to kill anybody. Source: that isn’t the most cowardly, disingenuous explanation of House’s horrific behavior, I don’t know what is. House could have hit a retaining wall and brought a sizeable section of the house down onto the occupants.

DAHLINGS -Last night’s season finale of “House MD,” titled, “Moving On,” outraged me so that I feel compelled to write in my blog-thing. Gregory House has done a lot of reckless, illegal and ethically questionable acts.

But one thing he has never been is a domestic abuser and potential murderer. The season finale, “Moving On,” besides being shabbily written—one could say that about most of the episodes—twisted the once brilliant, misanthropic genius into a brutal, abusive There is no kinder word for his behavior.

Do a web search for “vehicular manslaughter.”Afterwards, House announces to his best friend, Wilson, that he feels much better, and is next seen sipping an umbrella drink on a tropical beach.However, incidents of physical violence have been few and far between.He punched Chase because House was detoxing from withdrawal.SHAME, for reducing Cuddy to alternately a tear-stricken doormat or the Demanding Girlfriend from Hell.And most of all: SHAME, for implying that violence and destructive behavior are acceptable acts.

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