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Now a new book on this not-so-new subject is drawing fire in some quarters for its conclusion: That hookups can be damaging to young women, denying their emotional needs, putting them at risk of depression and even sexually transmitted disease, and making them ill-equipped for real relationships later on.For that, and a writer for The Washington Post, has been criticized as a throwback to an earlier, restrictive moral climate, an anti-feminist and a tut-tutting mother telling girls not to give the milk away when nobody’s bought the cow.“I often hear girls say things like, ’We can be as bad as guys now,”’ she says.“But I don’t think that’s what liberation is all about.” Stepp says her book stems from an experience she had almost 10 years ago.

The principal informed them that all year long, a dozen girls — ages 13 or 14 — had been performing oral sex on several boys in the class.Today, hooking up instead of dating has become the norm.About two-thirds of teens say at least some of their friends have hooked up.She has a book, “Hooking Up,” coming out this fall.“I argue that we shouldn’t look at this from a moralistic viewpoint — as in, our youth is in decline — and we shouldn’t celebrate it either, in a ’Sex in the City’ light,” says Bogle, who hasn’t read Stepp’s book.

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“I’m aware of it,” said Grace Bagwell, 22, a senior at Converse College in Spartanburg, S. “But it’s untrue to say women aren’t having meaningful relationships at this point.

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