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Hep b dating

At 18, Matt's visits to the Liver Cancer Prevention Center increased to twice a year, since the risks increase with age. Everyone in the family was re-tested for the virus. Jenny, Andrew's biological sister, got the good news from a local clinic . Jenny is being monitored by the Liver Cancer Prevention Center and is doing fine. We are weary and wary, and painfully aware his life could have been prolonged and might have been saved had his pediatricians recognized he was a hepatitis B carrier.

He had a baseline ultrasound of his adult liver, against which to measure any future changes. 2, 2002, our other adopted son, Andrew, woke complaining of abdominal pain. After Andrew's cancer diagnosis, I called our former pediatric group to see the results of all the original hepatitis B tests. Jenny's second misdiagnosis brought us near the brink of hysteria.

A son-in-law and two grandchildren joined our family and were all vaccinated. By then I had six children and had been a mother for over 30 years. I suggested he get dressed and go to work; maybe he would feel better. A biopsy confirmed a diagnosis of stage IV hepatocellular carcinoma metastasized to the lungs. Their office said the lab's records before 1992 were no longer available. How could a leading pediatric group in a university town get it right in 1984 and so wrong in 19? It is one thing to know in the abstract of a threat to a family member.

Matthew turned 20, still showing no hepatitis B side effects. But by the time breakfast was over, Andrew was in such pain that his sister took him to the emergency room. I was stunned when two doctors came to tell us Andrew tested positive for hepatitis B. I said to them, "You believe you'll be seeing us later, don't you? An earlier diagnosis could have meant surgery or a transplant, but now chemotherapy was our only option, and even then it only shrank the tumor in a small percentage of patients. One doctor gave me a handwritten copy of their file reports, and said, "See! Matthew's was positive." I read it for myself: Andrew's test read HB surface antibody negative. It is quite another to live with a double threat after experiencing its reality.

But she recently told her parents about it, and they were really mad about it.

they said there is no way that they would agree for us to be together. Sorry about your situation, the suddeness of it all must be difficult.

Be sure you see and understand the tests and results. If you have been vaccinated, ask your doctor for quantitative as well as qualitative test results to be sure you are still adequately protected. Persons younger than 18 years old with hepatitis B should see a doctor annually to monitor the liver, and if older than 18, have a baseline ultrasound and see a doctor semiannually. Stay informed about the latest research on hepatitis B. When our youngest daughter Mary was in high school, our youth minister asked, "What was the best gift you ever got?

" Mary replied, "Andrew, Jenny, and Matthew." We are still very lucky parents.

although our relationship is fairly new, I would like to know some details of the virus such as, will we ever be able to have sex,or if the relationship goes further, is he able to have children without contracting the virus to myself and/or a fetus? We used protection ( I encourage safe sex definately! and she was really concerned about me having Hep B because of exposure to my husband. I trust he is telling me the truth, but I may opt to speak to his doctor directly.Disclaimer: The Immunization Action Coalition (IAC) publishes Unprotected People Reports for the purpose of making them available for our readers' review. I recently started dating someone who was an IDU and contracted hep B several years ago. There will no longer be a worry in my mind, but there really never was. It seems to put peoples mind at ease, and gives peace of mind as well. If you ever do have children together have the child get its vacines at the appropriate age. Get you both counseling and stay there, that way if either of you ever have unwanted feelings it can be handled right away. He made it clear to me that I should be open about any feelings I have regarding his hep b.Assure them that you are likely fine and will live a long life even without doing a thing for Hep B. Interpersonal relationships and how you feels towards another person is not a light switch, you don't just turn it on and off.Let them know that your girlfriend could take the vaccine and be immuned to Hep B and future generation will also be free of Hep B. Give it a little time to let the emotions and fear settle down and have a real discussuion on the problem at hand. My doctor mentioned that he will send me for the test. May be I am lucky to have my understanding husband before.

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