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there are 10 basic must haves to ensure loving survival.

Follow this guide to dating and keep your love life on track.

Death or illness of a loved one, loss of a job or losing the family fortune are all tragic experiences that we will all at some time have to deal with.

These terrible events all require support from our loved one.

Faith and belief are huge building blocks for any long term relationship. So long as the secret isn't going to hurt the other then it is okay to keep it to yourself.Unexpected phone calls just to say "I love you", random text messages and the like are all great for making the other feel wanted and special.Over the years these tiny little acts all add up and can make a huge difference as to how well the other perceives they are loved.Seeing how your other half deals with and supports you through these difficult times is a great pointer for your future. Once you have gotten past the honeymoon phase of your relationship, sex often doesn't have the pressing urgency that it did earlier on.Every couple needs to have a favored position that pleases all for when time is at a premium.


Obviously, we are not talking secret addictions, gambling and extra curricular sexual activities here.