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• Should I oil the op-rod, gas plug, or the gas piston? Heat is dissipated on these parts and you should refrain from using oil.• What magazines do your rifles currently come with?7.62×51 mm NATO (.308 Win) 5/8-24 RH 5.56×45 mm NATO (.223 Rem) 1/2-28 RH 1:8 6.8 SPC II 5/8-24 RH .3 • Why doesn’t POF offer chrome lined barrels?All of our barrels are nitride heat-treated to a case of 70 HRC.*Depending on the rifle generation, these may be also be in the 3, 6, or 9-‘o-clock position of the rail near the back of the Heat Sink Barrel Nut. Yes, in fact POF does a lot of testing with WOLF ammo.There are no issues using steel-cased ammo in our weapons — however, it is important to remember to thoroughly clean the throat area of the chamber after a session with Wolf or other steel-cased ammo.This process must be followed on both the right and left side of the weapon.

There has been a lot of questions regarding the bore diameter of the 7.62 x 39 barrel due to the fact that ammo can be had in both .308 and .310-.311 diameter bullets.

Generously lube the bolt carrier group (BCG) with Frog Lube, CLP, Rem-Oil or your favorite gun lubricant which can include WD-40.

As your weapon breaks in less lubrication will be needed and after a few hundred rounds just a light wipe will be sufficient 3.

The narrow profile handguard is slipped over the barrel nut and locked horizontally into place using two QD sling mount blocks: one on the right side and one on the left side.

Additionally, two clamp screws located at the bottom of the handguard are tightened to effectively clamp the handguard into place.

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