Dating campagnolo parts

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Last updated: Please note - for new model year (2018) information, please contact us at Velotech Cycling Ltd or, if outside the UK, refer to your local branch or to Campagnolo Italy.The new Centaur 11, Potenza H11 and Chorus, Record and Super Record HO mechanical and HO EPS groupsets have some important differences and specific areas of compatibility that bicycle assemblers and early after-market adopters need to be aware of, which we have not yet had opportunity to transmit to smaller OEMs or CODE dealers / Pro Shops.The Over Torque chainset can be used with 2015 systems but performance will not be quite as good in upshift as a 2015 chainset.The new 12-29 11s cassette should only be used with a 2015 gear train.Bear in mind that these characteristics can vary from year to year.

Some previous versions on Veloce and Centaur up to the 2006 model year either were, or could be made so by swapping the body of the Ergolever itself for the part numbers above, as was also true of late Mirage 10s levers, again up until model year 2006.Q: Can I mix cassette size "x" with chainrings "y" and rear derailleur "z"?A: In order to determine this, you need to refer to the Campagnolo Technical manual for the applicable year.Mixing other manufacturer's components may void warranty and will (almost) certainly lead to a degradation in performance.We can't advise on the mixing of other manufacturer's parts with Campagnolo components.

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All the information that we offer has to fall withing Campanolo's technical specification and published advice.