Couple dirty sex chat Chatting to fuck buddy s

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Couple dirty sex chat

So whether you’re communicating with text on your phone or private chatting online, there really is no better place to learn how to talk dirty without the fear of embarrassment from either side.

Let’s say for example that the both of you are on your way home, how can you quickly turn your guy on without actually being there. Dirty texting is the easiest and most fun way to add some spice to your sex lives. A lot of couples go through a dry patch (literally) in their love lives.If you are in a long distance relationship or you want to excite your guy for the pleasures to come, you can send dirty texts to them, get them excited and have an amazing time in the sack.Try to not be too blunt and descriptive with your texts. Let them get thinking dirty thoughts for themselves. You will surely notice the sparks a dirty chat adds to your bedroom live.So go ahead girls be bold, ask for what you want from your guy, and spell it out, literally!

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You can also be as descriptive as possible to make your guy’s head spin and beg you to say more and more.