Choose which sports dating attend relationship

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As of now, Maddie seems to be confident in herself, not letting her sister's fame get to her. ", which she often says after proving a point or winning in a discussion. Even though she and Liv are complete opposites, she still gets along with her very well and is excited when she returns. She loves to win and doesn't really show her feelings as much as Liv does.

And finding her own path in life, following her dream as a Basketball player. Maddie is super excited that Liv returns home from Hollywood and happy to share things with her that she couldn't with her while she was away.

The film, which was directed by and starred Ben Affleck, was released in the United States on September 17, 2010.

She has an older brother, Eric Lively, two half-sisters, Lori Lively and Robyn Lively, and a half-brother, Jason Lively.

Both of her parents and all of her siblings are, or have been, in the entertainment industry.

When preparing for the dance in season 1, she shows her tomboy side.

She doesn't take Liv's fashion advice about avoiding wearing sneakers to the dance in season 1. But she has worn heels in BFF a Rooney when Liv's Hollywood BFF came to Wisconsin.

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