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You can, of course, just pass zero and document that the caller should ignore that value.By default, each time your application executes a piece of code, this code is run on the same thread as the application itself.When performing a task on a different thread, you usually have to communicate with the rest of the application in two situations: When you want to update it to show how far you are in the process, and then of course when the task is done and you want to show the result.The Background Worker is built around this idea, and therefore comes with the two events Progress Changed and Run Worker Completed.In the code handles event click of btn Start, you can see how we pass the argument to Background Worker.The arguments will be converted to array of string and passed away.

In this small blog I would like to review the way to use Background Worker and pass arguments to it.

This means that while this code is running, nothing else happens inside of your application, including the updating of your UI.

This is quite a surprise to people who are new to Windows programming, when they first do something that takes more than a second and realize that their application actually hangs while doing so.

The third event is called Do Work and the general rule is that you can't touch anything in the UI from this event.

Instead, you call the Report Progress() method, which in turn raises the Progress Changed event, from where you can update the UI.

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As all of you know that Background Worker executes an operation on a separate thread.

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