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hinges on an encounter between a black teen and a white cop that ends in a videotaped assault.Varsity athlete Quinn is connected to both men: he’s a classmate of beaten teen Rashad, and the de facto nephew of cop Paul, older brother of his best friend., by Leigh Bardugo Bardugo’s new series starter takes place in the world of the Grisha trilogy, but you don’t need to know a thing about it to be instantly swept up into the tale of a crew of gifted thieves banding together to pull off an impossible heist.The supernaturally talented Grisha are hunted as abominations and used as slaves, and someone has created a drug that amplifies their abilities to a terrifying degree.

This painful story, unflinchingly told, is a must-read for anyone who has watched with horror as name after name becomes posthumous hashtags.

It follows Bed-Stuy teen Sierra from surviving a walking dead attack at a summer party to discovering and claiming her dangerous birthright, as a manipulator of spirits who gain life through her street art.

In between painting murals, running from beasties, and unraveling the rules of an ancient supernatural order, Sierra sits down for a makeover from her BFF, worries (just a little) about her belly ponch, and dances around the possibility of a gifted boy who might be worth her while. , by Martha Brockenbrough In this shape-shifting, gorgeous novel, Love and Death—in the forms of a dapper man with a fever-inducing touch, and an uncanny woman who hungers for souls—run a high-stakes game, in which Death has always won.

At the center of her rich, weird, deeply human magical world is Simon and Baz’s quippy, complicated love affair, as imperfect and painfully real as Eleanor and Park’s.

, by Adam Silvera In Silvera’s knockout debut, Aaron Soto lives with his mom and brother in a one-bedroom apartment in the Bronx, in a near-future world that’s just like our own—but for the existence of a memory-suppressing procedure that allows trauma survivors a chance to live a normal life.

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It alternates between the contemporary small town where teenaged Finn has been raised by his stoic older brother, Sean, since their mom skipped town, and the enchanted hinterland where Sean’s girlfriend, Roza, is being held by a terrifying figure out of fairy tales.

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